Website https://hossain.al
Birthday 1991
Location Germany
Languages English, German, Persian, Arabic
Profiles GitHub, LinkedIn, Stack Overflow,


Experienced in:
TypeScript, React, C#, .NET Core, Java, Python, Swift, AWS, Azure, CI/CD, RDBMS, NoSQL

Less experienced but interested in:
Rust, Go, Godot, Unity


AIAU University, Markazi
BS in Software Engineering
October 2009 - November 2013
Grade Percentage: 81%

Tondgooyan High School, Qom
Mathematical Physics
October 2005 - July 2008
Grade Percentage: 70%


KlarnaMay 2022 - Now
Software Engineer

Incloud Engineering GmbHOctober 2019 - April 2022
Software Engineer

SokhanMay 2018 - September 2019
Chief Technical Officer

Realtyna LLCFebruary 2013 - April 2018
Head of Research and Development

Sepad IncJanuary 2017 - December 2017
Senior Software Engineer

Chenar StudioJanuary 2015 - December 2017
Senior Software Engineer

Rayafarhang InstituteJanuary 2007 - December 2012
Chief Technical Officer

JetSoft Co.January 2005 - December 2012
Chief Technical Officer


Klarna App, Klarna — TypeScript, React, HTML, CSS
Klarna's main web and mobile application: All your shopping in one app.

Röhlig Pricing Manager, Incloud — Azure, C#, .NET Core, TypeScript, React, SQL Server, HTML, CSS
A web application built to manage all freight rates in one place and get spot quotes in seconds including local tariffs, trucking tariffs, airfreight tariffs and sea freight tariffs.

Tchibo ESL Monitoring, Incloud — AWS, Serverless, TypeScript, React, MySQL, HTML, CSS
A monitoring web-app built to manage and supervise ESLs (electronic shelf labels) across all shops. Built using AWS including AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, S3 and many other services.

Arvato Courseware Marketplace, Incloud — TypeScript, React, HTML, CSS
Redesign of the frontend application using React and TypeScript.

Merck MPRD, Incloud — TypeScript, React, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, Electron, HTML, CSS
Internal tool built to create and manage encoding jobs related to medicals

Crisis Decision Making System, Sokhan — Java, Swing, Python, JavaScript, Node.js, HTML, CSS
This project includes multiple sub-projects that was created to help making decisions after nature hazards. I was responsible for creating both the main API and the frontend application that connects to that API. The main API executes the processes for gathering information from multiple sources (including image-based and text-based sources) and analysing data using AI and Bayesian Networks. The frontend app was created to view the result on a map and also execute certain commands.

Nava, Sokhan — Swift (iOS), Java (Android)
Smart Personal Assistant application tailor-made for Iranian users (uses its own NLP technology connected through an API). I have refactored and developed this application.

IKAC, Sokhan — Swift (iOS), Java (Android)
https://www.sokhan.ai, https://www.ikac.ir
Built on top of Nava, this application is the official mobile application of Imam Khomeini Airport City. It borrows some of the personal assistant features of Nava plus other tools made specifically for the Airport. I have fully developed this application by myself.

Hushbakhti, Freelance — Java (Android), Node.js, MongoDB, Strapi
A simple game in which the player should answer one question every day. At the end of each week, the top player will receive real money as prize. Fully developed by myself (including mobile app and API).

WPL, Realtyna LLC — PHP, MySQL, WordPress
Web-based application and online solution for Real-estate business, with multitudes of addons. I was responsible for developing the main product plus some addons like CRM.

Realtyna, Realtyna LLC — Swift (iOS), Java (Android)
https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/realtyna/id635888169, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.realtyna.android
Native mobile app for WPL (uses WPL API). I have helped developing this mobile app for both Android and iOS platforms.

ERP, Realtyna LLC — PHP, MySQL, Laravel
Advanced ERP software used for planning internal resources. I was responsible for managing the technical side of this project, advising solutions, leading the development team and help developing some parts of the project.

RPL, Realtyna LLC — PHP, MySQL, Joomla
http://rpl.realtyna.com (defunct)
Web-based application and online solution for Real-estate business, with multitudes of addons. I was responsible for developing the main product plus some addons like CRM and Franchise Solution.

Sepad Smart Showcasing, Sepad Inc. — Swift, Node.js, PHP, MySQL, Redis, SQLite, Laravel
https://www.sepad.com, https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sepad/id1294071124
Interactive and intelligent app platform for showcasing retail catalogs like Property Listings, Retail Stores, Restaurants, Boutiques etc. This project consisted of multiple sub-projects which I have developed most of them solely, including Backend/API (PHP, Node.js, Laravel, MySQL, Redis), iOS app (Swift, SQLite) and tvOS app (Swift, SQLite).

Sky CRM, Rayafarhang Institute — VB.NET, SQL Server
http://www.rayafarhang.ir (defunct)
A customer relationship management software for small and large corporations. I have fully developed this application by myself.

Scan Studio, Rayafarhang Institute — VB.NET, SQL Server
http://www.rayafarhang.ir (defunct)
An enterprise-level multi-functional photo management software for scanned documents (edit, align, manage, record and distribute) with dedicated quality control tool, plus a server-side application for monitoring client applications. Fully developed by myself.

Ghesehaye Mandegar, Rayafarhang Institute — VB.NET, SQLite
http://www.rayafarhang.ir (defunct)
An end-user application containing a large number of educational and life-inspirational stories. I have developed the core of the app while the user interface was developed using Adobe Flash by another developer.

Entrance Automation, Rayafarhang Institute — VB.NET, SQL Server
http://www.rayafarhang.ir (defunct)
A staff entrance automation and salary management application for corporate use. Fully developed by myself.

Filer, Hobby — Go, TypeScript, React, HTML, CSS
A minimal web-based file manager.

Pastr, Hobby — TypeScript, JavaScript, Rust, Python, Flask
A super-minimal URL shortener and paste tool that has a dead-simple convention for using it. There are multiple versions of this app available in different languages.

Make Resume, Hobby — JavaScript
https://github.com/hossainalhaidari/mkresume, https://npmjs.com/package/mkresume
CLI to generate resume based on templates.

Soli, Hobby — TypeScript
CLI-based Solitare game.

CheNote, Chenar Studio — Java (Android), SQLite
A dead-simple note taking app.

Pair, Chenar Studio — Java (Android), libGDX
An addictive game in which you have to pair the colors from both sides of the screen. It has multiple types of challenges and a highscore menu.

Space Shooter, Chenar Studio — C#, Unity
A space shooter game.

ePoke, Hobby — PHP, MySQL, Sharetronix
http://www.epoke.ir (defunct)
A private social network platform. For this project, I have forked the Sharetronix project and extended its features and functionalities.

eChair, Hobby — PHP, MySQL
http://www.echair.ir (defunct)
A private social network platform for asking questions .